Table with undefined size and scrollbars as needed

I would like to add a table to a panel with full size (application layout) so that the table does not consume more space than needed. The only solution that I found was to set the table size to undefined. However, in this case the table loses the feature for displaying scrollbars if the panel size gets lower than the table size and users won’t be able to see the whole content anymore.
Is it possible to achieve that the table component shrinks with the panel size but displays scollbars when they are needed?

I know one can activate scollbars for the surrounding panel, but this is not as nice as using the more appropriate table scollbars.

Unfortunately not. As I replied
, you are stuck with either set or unset sizes, when in your case you want both. Depending on your layout, you might want to use relative or full sizes, and position other controls so that they won’t interfere with the table.

OK, what a pity. And there is no workaround for this issue?
Maybe the problem could be solved with the min-max feature which hopefully comes with Vaadin 7.

Anyway, thanks for your answer, Thomas.

No workaround as far as I know, sorry.