Table Scrolling Wrong when updating items with LazyList and ListContainer


I’am using a ListContainer and a lazy list to load some data into a MTable.
But when i try to update MTable, scroll bar goes to a wrong area. It only happen’s in the middle of table, not in the start or end. Example: update item 41 and scroll bar goes to item 81.

Add items into table:
List lazy = new LazyList<>(service::fetchTransactions, service::getTransactionCount, service.PAGE_SIZE);
ListContainer listContainer = new ListContainer(File.class, lazy);



Please, help.

Hi, seems like a bug in the table component. Yet I’m not sure whether it is actually a bug in MTable (which comes from the Viritin add-on) or in Vaadin’s Table. Which version of Vaadin/Viritin are you using? Can you create a really sample Maven-based project which demonstrates the issue? Does the problem go away when you try to switch to LazyQueryContainer?

Hi, i’am using Vaadin 7.7.3 and Viritin 1.57. Here is a sample, try to go to line 300, and others and click on the line. If you click on the line 300, scroll goes to line 350 or something like that. It doesn’t happen in first or last line. (985 KB)

Help, please.

Anyone ? Please.

I can’t try your example right now, but if it reproduces the issue I’d suggest to go ahead and open a bug at Vaadin Bug tracker, and link to this post from there.

Thank you, I did it it but nobody answered me yet.
Anyone else can tell me if there’s a problem on code ? Thanks.

It’s really hard to find what happens with your application, because you did not provide your full code.
And you are using really old code, please try to migrate to latest 7.7.9, there was a number of fixed bugs which could be related to your issue.

Here’s a sample of problem.

Thanks. (985 KB)

I did update to vaadin 7.7.9 but the problem still occurring. What should i do ?