Table Scrollbar listener

Hello Team,

Would it be possible to add listener on table scrollbar? If yes, then is there any example how to do it?


I guess you mean an onScroll listener for the Table contents? This isn’t doable by default, but if you’re not afraid of a little client-side coding, this could be doable with an extension. Disclaimer: I haven’t tried this so your results may vary :wink:


Hello Tepi,

Thank you for response, yes you understood it correctly.

Howerver, I have tried to implement but I am getting different results. Would it be possible to have sample demo?

Abhijeet Tayade


please tell me what’s your use case for the scroll listener? If it is lazy loading like in the link you gave, I really discourage you from doing it. There are already ways to do lazy-loading much better in a Vaadin table, and this way seems really complicated and prone to break.


Hello, sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation. My use case is that I call DAO layer (which is implemented earlier and can not be changed) which returns 500+ 0r 1000+ employee objects/records and I have to dispaly those employee objects/records in table. But while displaying those objects/records
it takes time
. To overcome this there is method in DAO layer which returns only 30 objects/records so that it won’t take more time to display. Hence I want to implement that when user
and reaches to the
objects/records in the table then it should retrieve next 30 objects/records.



See similar discussion!/thread/1008407/1046062

I have tried the above but I am not getting dependency of package/class @com.vaadin.ui.ClientWidget. (this might be removed)
I am using Vaadin 7.1.12.

Would it be possible to have small working demo.

30 October will be a webinar that will explain how to migrate from 6 to 7 version


is the Lazy Query Addon a solution? I really like it - see here: