Table scrollbar jumps back in IE

Hello everybody
I’m currently testing Vaadin together with Hbncontainer. Everything works well so far but there is something that confuses me a bit:

I’m testing the Hbncontainer example project which can be found under:

I tested the example project with several browsers: Firefox version 8.0.1, Chrome and Internet Explorer version 8 and 9.

I get the following situation only with Internet Explorer:

When I insert into the table over 80 000 entries and scroll down near the end of the table, the scrollbar jumps back to the entry around 77 000. I get the same mystic thing with my own developed application where the table is less high.
The only difference there: it already happens with 60 000 entries and the scrollbar jumps back to entry around 57 000. It seems that it depends on the height of the table.

If I scroll down to the end of the table the scrollbar doesn’t jump back and shows the last entries.

Does anybody have any idea why this happens only with Internet Explorer? Could their rendering engine probably be buggy? In my opinion it hasn’t to do with the Hbncontainer rather with the table component used in the Internet Explorer.

I’m using the newest Hbncontaier add-on with Vaadin version 6.7.2.

Thank you very much for any reply.

Any suggestions? Two years have passed already. I have an issue which is very simple to this one. I have over 100 000 entries in a table. And I could scroll only to ~21 700-th entry but when I try to scroll to the next thousand it load new entries but it jumps back to ~21700-th entry.

I think that here we have some problems with div length that is over 430 000 px for my table, rendered
in IE 9
I use
Vaadin 7.1.2.
I tried to experiment with page size and cache parameter, but I wasn’t successfull.