Table row Overlay

Hello community,

is there a Add-On component to overlay a button in a table row?


I am not aware of one, no; I think that would be pretty tricky to do, since table rows are created and destroyed dynamically.

What’s the use case you are thinking of using this for?



The Usecase is: Hover over a table row and show actions(buttons) special for this row.
Look this demo:

How about just adding the buttons to the table for all the rows, with a default CSS that hides them. Then just add appropriate :hover styles to show them? It’s done just like that in the example you posted.

Exactly what I was going to say! Attached is an example, along with a screenshot.


13223.png (3.89 KB)

Thanks i created a similiar solution, but I thought there is maybe a overlay add-on. =)

Tested and worked fine. Thanks