Table Row Hover?


I’m trying to use CSS to have the rows of my Table change their background color when I hover over them.

I’ve tried this without success:

.v-table-row: hover {
       background: lightgrey;

Using this same approach with .v-table-cell-content works fine, but only affects individual cells instead of the whole row.

Any ideas?


If you didn’t specify anything to override the default styles, try:

.v-table-row: hover {
[/color]: lightgrey;

worked for me.

Figured out what I needed here was IE-specific CSS(such a great browser!):

.v-ie .v-table-row:hover {
    background-color: lightgrey;

This work for me

.v-table-row:hover, .v-table-row-odd:hover {
background: blue;