Table empty when filled through SQL

I have a strange problem. I am filling a table through a SQL Query, like this:

sqlresult = new QueryContainer("select name, surename from member", con);
            tbl = new Table("Results:", sqlresult);

My Table has the correct captions and the correct number of lines, but all of them are empty. When I change the datasource to e.g. this:

tbl = new Table("bla", new FilesystemContainer(new File("c:/whatever")));

all lines are displayed ok. I there something I am missing?


QueryContainer requires the connection stay open to work properly. You would be better of using SQLContainer (available in the Directory) which do not have the same problems and limitations as QueryContainer. SQLContainer will replace QueryContainer in Vaadin as soon as it is stable.

Great, found it in the directory. Will definitely test it this week and give a feedback if this solves my problem.
Thank you very much.