Table autocmmit is not working right?


    I am using a TableQuery inside a SQLContainer to a mysql database and using that container inside a Table. The data form the database is showing up fine in the table but when I edit a cell in the table and click out of it, it will not save to mysql. The only way I can get it to save back to the database is by clicking one of the column headers on the table to resort the table. I am running the application via the Eclipse plugin in Tomcat 7. If you need anymore info let me know but I have been banging my head trying to figure out why I am messing this up..

ADMIN_accountEdit is the Table but declared in a different part of the application.

			pool = new SimpleJDBCConnectionPool("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver", "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/<REMOVED SENSITIVE DATA>");
                       TableQuery accountTQ = new TableQuery("accounts", pool);		
			SQLContainer accountContainer = new SQLContainer(accountTQ);
			ADMIN_accountEdit.setVisibleColumns(new Object[] {"username","password","teamID","role"});

also somewhat unrelated, is it possible to customize the table to show the teamID as a dropdown mapped to another table in the DB? like if teamID was 1 I would want it to have the teamName from a different table instead of display the 1… I think maybe I will have to do the freeformquery and reimplement stuff for it? I kind of got confused with what the vaadin book was saying and how to apply it to my situation.