Table auto-scroll problem with IE7, Vaadin 6.8


I have exactly the same problem as person from this topic:!/thread/429793/447449

Except the fact, that I’m using Vaadin 6.8.4 :

I have a table where each row item can be double-clicked to get some additional information about the item. Everything works fine when all rows fit into screen and no vertical scrolling is needed. When there is so many rows that vertical scrolling is needed I run into trouble with IE7 (Chrome, Opera and Firefox work fine). When I scroll down a bit and select some row, IE7 auto-scrolls down when I click the row and selects other row. This means that I cannot double-click any row that needs scrolling to it. I always end up opening details for wrong table item.

How can I solve this problem ?
Does that mean that the problem that was fixed in Vaadin 6.6 still appears in version 6.8.4 ?
Perhaps this issue is fix’ed in version 6.9 ?
Or should I search for the solution beyond Vaadin framework ?

Any opinions would be appreciated.


I figured out that the problem appears only when table is in WeeLayout container. Im using weelayout-0.2.2 with Vaadin 6.8.4. Any help ?