Table ActionHandler weird behaviour

I have a Problem with a ActionHandler on a Table with a ContainerDataSource (BeanItemContainer).

I want to check a property in the selected Item, as I implemented like this:

resultTable.addActionHandler(new Action.Handler() {
public Action getActions(Object target, Object sender) {

    if( sender instanceof TypedTable ) {

        TypedTable<Kontotransaktion> source = (TypedTable<Kontotransaktion>) sender;

        if( source.getValue() != null ) {
            if( ((BeanItem<Kontotransaktion>) source.getContainerDataSource().getItem(source.getValue())).getBean() instanceof Kontotransaktion ) {
                Kontotransaktion currentTransaction = ((BeanItem<Kontotransaktion>) source.getContainerDataSource().getItem(source.getValue())).getBean();
                if(currentTransaction.getBuchungsReferenz() != null) {
                    //Booking referenced
                    return new Action[] {zeigeBuchung};
                } else {
                    //No booking referenced
                    return new Action[] {verknuepfen, neueBuchung};
return null;

[/code]When I now right-click a Item in the Table,
happens. (Not even the ActionHandler#getActions() method gets called)

But if you select a Item by
it and
somewhere in the whitespace in the table - you can actually see the correct Action Items.

So basically the problem is that as it seems the actionhandler doesn’t get triggered by right clicking a Item in a ContainerDataSource in the table.

Any similar cases known?
Any suggestions are appreciated!