tabbed browsing design questions


I am new to Vaadin, sorry if I ask commonly known things.

I am evaluating RIA frameworks for the development of a collaboration tool for developers. I am thinking of using Vaadin or RAP.

One of the things that I would like to know is whether Vaadin supports a google documents type of web app design, i.e. that for each resource (document) an editor opens in a new tab in the browser. The concept of a workbench with views etc… is IMO not very usable in the web, I would prefer a tabbed browsing design.

Related question: is it possible in to open a resource specific editor from a bookmarkeable URL.
Ideal would be cutomizable URL structure (like in Rails) where a content type of html redirects to the vaadin editor for this resource, and other content types ( xml/ json ) point to classic REST service implementation.

Another: does tabbed browsing style impact performance?

many thanks,


Tabbed browsing is possible with Vaadin, but it requires some extra coding from the developer, see
this article
about how to enable tabbed browsing. Bookmarking can be enabled by using the UriFragmentUtility, see
Book of Vaadin
for details.

In fact, the Directory is written with Vaadin and it employs both concepts - click on “Add-ons” in the top menu of this page to access the directory. You can open each addon page in separate tabs, note that they have custom URLs which allow you to bookmark and access those pages directly.