System Error:communication problem after upgrading to vaadin 6.6.0

Hello Vaadiners,
Recently , we have upgraded from 6.3.2 to 6.6.0 and I m getting “Communication Problem take note of any unsaved data, and click here to continue.” it is coming very frequently and also sometimes coming more than once. could you help me in this.

And this message is not coming in firefox 3.5. appearing in IE. tested in IE 7 & 8

Thanks in advace,
Sireesha M

I noticed you had reposted this exact same message in
, where the replies went.

Please do not repost identical messages - that just wastes everybody’s time.

If you do have to “bring an issue on top” again, you can “bump the thread” by posting a reply to the question - but doing so too quickly after the original question without any additional information will also probably reduce the chances of getting a reply. If you want to make sure you get a reply, you could consider buying professional support services (see the blue tab on the left on forum pages).