syncId, clientId - Explanation


can someone explain me what is the role of
aswell as the
There are placed in the
which is in turn placed in the http request.
I know that the
csrf token
is a protection against csrf-attacks, but it contains more value than other csrf-token I have seen.

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Nazar Medeiros

If you watch this webinar where we are configure performance testing with Jmeter, this question of yours gets covered pretty well too.

is the usage of the clientId something new? Because I look a page which is built with vaadin and using the network inspector showed me, that no clientId was visible…only the syncId.

For example this page:!schedule

To be honest the diffrence is not clear to me. In the video it says that the syncId takes care that no requests are dropped between other requests. A typical identifier for each request, but the clientId is the same too wright? The only difference I can see is that clientId increases from some client-side interactions only.

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Mr. Lund I was wondering if you could give more explanation about the both ids.
I really really have to understand what they are used for =)

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