synchronize without UI update

Is there a way to synchronize an app in Vaadin without going through the out-of-sync error? I am not talking about a server push and the update does not have to be automatic and visible on commit. Basically, what I want to do is do update the UI from another thread, without propagating the update until the user interacts with the app again. I tried to do with in a couple of different ways, and I thought I had it working before, but I again started gettting the out-of-sync error, which unfortunately seems to actually “reload” the page in the browser, messing up the whole URI navigation etc.

The easiest example is having a button connected a counter, which increments a static Integer variable. In other words, whenever any user clicks on it, it gets incremented by one and then displays the last value. This does not suffer from the out of sync errors, for obvious reasons, but dealing strictly with static variables is a broad way is ill advised. Creating multiple thread local fields to manage this is a bit of a pain, when the only thing you would like to do is to run a requestRepaint() on an object that differs between the views, when the view is reactivated.