Synch scrolling?

I whant synch scrolling for two components. vertical and horisontal. For example - merger:
How I can do it?
I trying to use a combination split panel + two layouts. This is great for vertical scroll, but horisontal scrolling is not worked…
using a table have a problems too.
Can you help me? thanks.


you could create two Panels, put them side-by-side, enable scrolling by calling setScrollable(true) and set each panel into immediate mode. Then you could override the changeVariables(Object source, Map<String, Object> variables) method and get the latest scroll position set by the client side from there. After that it is just a matter of setting the same values to the other panel.

Overriding the setScrollLeft and setScrollTop methods directly won’t work since the new scroll position is set internally directly to the fields in the changeVariables method.