Switch of "Browser is not supported page"

Hello all,

how can I switch off the “browser is not supported page”? I’m using vaadin 7 (beta 9) for an intranet application. We’re using Firefox 3.6 (I can’t change this) and the application runs perfect on it. The only thing which is really annoying is the “browser is not supported page” which pops up if the user opens the application.

Thanks in advance.


Well, although I wouldn’t recommend running a Vaaadin-App in a unsupported browser (it might function now but what happens in the next release? Updating Vaadin gets a real pain this way - and it’s all your own fault because you are using a really old browser.), there is a way to do it:

The “Browser not supported page” is rendered by AbstractCommunicationManager.UNSUPPORTED_BROWSER_HANDLER, which basically is a RequestHandler. RequestHandler can be removed from the session by calling VaadinSession#removeRequestHandler() (surprise, surprise). So everything depends on the right timing … Removing the Handler in your UI would be obviously to late, so I would override VaadinServlet and install a SessionInitListener which removes the handler. For an example of how to do this, see this