SvgComponent and JFreeCharWrapper now use native SVG support in IE9


Now that with Vaadin 6 webapps can realy use the latest rendering engine in IE9, I spent some time with IE9 to investigate its SVG support. To me it appears to be surprisingly good considering its age. Most essential things work and fast enought. Fonts and SMIL animations are not there, but that took quite some time for Gecko and Webkit too. And after all, Vaadin is most often used for boring enterprise applications so IE’s lacking animation support wont bother most of us. Animations using javascript work well and fast in case one really needs them.

I have also published new versions of JFreeChartWrapper and SvgComponent. They both now rely on native SVG rendering on IE9. Please try them and report issues that arise.

BTW. JFreeChartWrapper is also now built with maven so dependencies should be easily solved. I also created a google code project for it, so there are no more excuses not to send in your patches.