SVG: Unrecognized image file format

I am using Win10 64bit, vaadin 7.6.8, eclipse 4.6.0.
I am developping a vaadin widget, with gwt and vaadin.
The Widget works.

I have Problems with: GWT-ToggleButton and SVG-Image.
When i want to add a PNG-Image to the GWT-ToggleButton, all works fine!
When i want to add a SVG-Image to the GWT-ToggleButton, i get the error “Unrecognized image file format”!

Here ist what i have coded:

Im am using a ClientBundle

public interface IconResourcesBundle extends ClientBundle {
    public static final IconResourcesBundle INSTANCE = GWT.create(IconResourcesBundle.class);

    public ImageResource bold();
    public ImageResource edit();

The following Code with the png-File works fine

private boldTButton;
boldTButton = new ToggleButton(new Image(IconResourcesBundle.INSTANCE.bold()));

The following Code with the svg-File throws the error:
Unrecognized image file format

private boldTButton;
editTButton = new ToggleButton(new Image(IconResourcesBundle.INSTANCE.edit()));

In my pom-file i have added:


In my …gwt.xml i have added:

<inherits name='org.vaadin.gwtgraphics.GWTGraphics'/> ----------------------------------------------------------