svg and png not showing using JFreeChartWrapper and Vaadin 6.5.5 or higher

Hi all,

I’m experiencing some problems in the JFreeChartWrapper add on after upgrading Vaadin from version 6.5.1 to 6.5.7 (actually 6.5.5 or higher).
Since the upgrade the Gantt chart is no longer displayed; a red cross is shown instead.

I’m using version 2.5.0 of the JFreeChartWrapper addon (and all the necessary batik and jfree/jcommon jars).
When using Vaadin 6.5.4 or lower it all works well (only change is the upgrade of the vaadin jar).

I suspect it has something to do with this note from the release notes from Vaadin 6.5.5. or higher:

Backwards incompatible changes

Application resources now use app:// URLs, similar to how theme resource URLs theme:// urls. Ensure Resource references are passed through the ApplicationConnection.translateVaadinUri() method on the client side. This might affect some add-ons.

I expect the JFreeChartWrapper add on to take care of this but maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Can someone help me please ?

Thank you.

Richard Aalten


JFreeCharWrapper has no client side code, so if it doesn’t work for you, I’d guess you have forgot to recompile you widgetset. You can verify it by opening the client side debug dialog with ?debug query parameter (if your app is not it production mode).


Hi Matti,

Although there is no widgetset used in the context of the JFreeChartWrapper (in other contexts there is) I tried the ?debug option you proposed.

Indeed I got an error stating that WidgetSets were compiled with Vaadin 6.4.10 but the version used to run the application on was 6.5.7.

So what I did was recompile the widgetset just to be sure. The error got away and the Gantt chart is there again.

However I don’t quite understand how the widgetset we use for an UploadButton can interfere with the GantChart and the JFreeChartWrapper since there is no widgetset involved in this part of the application.

Although I’m very happy to see my Gant chart again (thanks for that) I’m still interested in the relation between the widgetset and the non widgetset JfreeChartWrapper component. Maybe you have an explanation.

Thanx again.


Having the wrong widgetset version can cause problems anywhere as there can be small changes in how the server and the browser communicate (not necessarily only for specific components) etc. There should not be any specific link to JFreeChartWrapper in this case, but it happened to be where you saw one symptom of the mismatch.

It is good to know this for future usage.

Thank you both for your help.