Support multi-components to be filtered out by different modes (Prod or Dev

Vaadin version: 14.4.2
Springboot: 2.3.4.RELEASE

The below conditional code was placed in webpack.config.js but the return is ‘undefined’.

const devMode = process.argv.find(v => v.indexOf('webpack-dev-server') >= 0);
console.log("Dev: "+devMode);

print: Dev: undefined

I think there is another way to resolve if the devmode value is undifined.

Would the webpackTemplate default-value be able to change the constant to variable in vaadin-maven-plugin-14.4.2.jar (plugin.xml)?
<webpackTemplate implementation="java.lang.String" default-value="webpack.config.js"/>

Hey Nate,

I moved this to Flow, as Framework is only for Vaadin 7 and 8 :wink: