Support for trees and re-using existing GWT componentes in Vaadin


I’m working for a client, who has a web project in pure GWT.

Recently, we ran into following problem:

  1. There is a tree in the application.

  2. At the client, the user can create new nodes in the tree.

  3. When the user presses the “Save” button, newly created nodes are saved in the database (on the server) and assigned new primary keys.

  4. Then, on the client side, the nodes in the tree need to be updated (so that the nodes on the client have same IDs as those on the server).

We’ve struggled for several weeks trying to implement this with pure GWT without much success. There are examples how to do it for lists, but not for trees.

about how to do it the right way on StackOverflow has not been answered for two days.

From this I conclude that pure GWT doesn’t support this use case ouf the box and I don’t want to re-invent a tree on the web, when there are frameworks (including Vaadin), in which this is already implemented.

Question 1:
Is it correct that there are mechanisms in Vaadin, which automatically update the client data (IDs of nodes in the tree), then server data have been changed?

Imagine, I want to re-write the application of my client in Vaadin. To do so efficiently, I’d like to re-use some of the pure GWT components, which are already implemented in that project.

Question 2:
Are there tutorials, which explain how to use pure GWT components in a Vaadin application?

Thanks in advance