Support for Rich Text Editor

I am currently working on a project using Vaadin 23 Pro and have encountered an issue with the Rich Text Editor component. I am using a dictation software to input text into form fields. While the dictation software works seamlessly with fields and elements, it doesn’t work with the Rich Text Editor component in Vaadin.

I have noticed that the Vaadin Editor uses a QuillEditor, and I have tested the dictation on the Quill website, where it works as well.

I have also tested the dictation software on other websites, and Google Translator, and it works well.

I would appreciate your assistance in understanding why the dictation software works with regular input fields but not with the Vaadin Rich Text Editor.

no idea, you’re probably the first person to ever try it.

My guess would be that the dictation input doesn’t work with a Quill editor inside Shadow DOM for some reason. No idea what could be done about that.

What dictation software are you using?

I am a software developer working for a company in the medical industry, and we use Vaadin for our software development. We also use Dragon Medical One by Nuance for our dictation devices. In most fields, such as Vaadin components like TextArea or input fields, text is entered through dictation. I have also implemented the QuillEditor for JS and displayed it on the Vaadin interface, and I was able to input text through dictation. However, I encountered an issue with the Vaadin RichTextEditor, which also uses Quill and has the same attributes, but dictation input does not seem to work.

I see. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any information online about how Dragon Medical One dictation interacts with the input field. My guess is still that it’s the shadow dom wrapper that prevents it from working. If you can get Nuance’s tech support to have a look at it and let us know, that would help.


thank you