Support for JDK1.4


does Vaadin still support JDK1.4?
And if not, what is the latest version that supports 1.4?

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Vaadin never has supported JDK 1.4 - its predecessor IT Mill Toolkit did until and including version 5.2.

JDK 1.4 end-of-life was in 2006 (with transition period up to 2008), and JDK 5.0 was EOL’d in 2009, so there are not even security fixes anymore. Java 6 has been around a long time now and should be available for most if not all the platforms supporting Java, and Java 7 SE should be out in about two months.

I would strongly recommend upgrading to a more recent JRE.

Hi Henri,

thanks very much for the quick reply!

You’re totally right and I would love to get rid off JDK 1.4 - if there were no customers :wink:

Thanks again,