Super minimal image editing add-on?

Hi all,

My Vaadin 14 product needs to do some super minimal image editing to mark up images. Perhaps add a free form line, or an arrow or circle onto an image. Cropping / rotating might be nice. Very very basic is good enough.

I do not see anything similar in the Vaadin Directory, so I guess it is too difficult, or perhaps in I should take a different approach altogether in the Vaadin/web world?

I am/was a Swing dev so I knew how to do it all in there, but I am lost beyond familiar Vaadin (Java) components, so any suggestions are much appreciated.



I think there is no addon for that.

One solution could be to integrate a javascript add-on that fits your need.

I found this one that could fit your need:

If you are new to Vaadin, it’s unfortunately not an easy first step.

Hi Jean-Christophe,
Yes, this is what I expected.
I have gone a long long way with pure Java side Vaadin, but it looks a bit difficult to do this.
Unfortunately I do not see many “learning trails” to help a Swing + Vaadin java person develop necessary skills in javascript.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.