Suggestion: allow to choose date/time format

In this forum, I see dates like 9/26/11 3:40 PM
I deeply dislike this format, not intuitive to my French eyes… :smiley:
I want to see 26/09/11 15:40 or perhaps 2011-09-26T15:40, for example.

I searched in the profile settings and found no way to change it, unlike most PHP-based forums I used.
I suggest to add in these settings the capability to choose between US (current one), European (my first example) or Ansi (the second one) formats, and even to allow to enter a (valid) DateFormat string, if one has exotic needs… :glare:

PS.: Is this forum made with Vaadin? If so, are the sources available? Would be a wonderful learning tool to study this code, and might allow to contribute such changes…

Yes, the time format can cause discomfort for the brain sometimes. I don’t know if it’s possible to set just the date format without changing the language. You can change the language in the Control Panel. Click your name in the upper-left corner, then Display Settings in the right-hand menu, and select the Language in the box. I hope the translations for French are OK.

This forum is not (yet at least) a Vaadin application but a normal forum portlet in Liferay.

Ah, in general, I prefer to have the interface in the same language I write in, otherwise confusion might arise…
I switched to French, and indeed the date/time is nicer for me, but the page being tagged as French, the automatic corrector of Firefox believe I want to write in French and mark almost everything as faulty… :smiley:
Fortunately, I have the DictionarySwitcher extension that changes the dict. to English as soon as I type some words…

Anyway, thanks for the trick. The babbling above was to indicate one might want to change the format without changing the language… But that’s better than nothing! :grin:

Another issue: now every link becomes It works most of the time, but not for
I had to manually remove the /fr to get the correct page instead of an empty page.