SuggestField to wait for few milli seconds to search once user enter a stri

Hi All,

I am using SuggestField component in vaadin to get the auto suggestion.
I have set minimum characters to 3. after entering 3 letters it is trying to fetch the data from database, so here after 3 letters prefix for each letter i am adding to it, it is running
new query with the entered string. is there any way to control the suggest field to wait sometime after enter the new string and then try to fetch the data based on the entered string.

eg: i am finding location belgium, so I have enterd ‘bel’ it has run a query and filter data respectively ‘belg’, ‘belgiu’, ‘belgium’ for each it is running new query at server side.

I am trying to implement, onece I entered ‘belgium’ at one go after key release wait for few milli seconds after the user has entered it should start search with full string.

is there a way to implement with vaadin?

I haven’t used the add-on, but looking from the source code there is:

public void setDelay(int delayMillis)

Does it work?

Delay is not working. but i have observed that, the add on is working fine as expected.if i type fast it is not hitting ther server multiple times.