Subscribing category

Hello everybody.

It is possible to subscribe a thread for new posts. But It is not possible to subscribe a forum’s category for new threads. It could be useful to subscribe e.g. “News & Announcements” category to be tuned all the time on any Vaadin news.


Hello Radek,

it actually is possible to subscribe an entire category.

Just go to the
categories listing
and you’ll see buttons labeled
on the right for each category. Click on the button and you’ll see options for
for each category.

  • Teemu

Holy sh…
Thanx, that was easy. I don’t know why I missed it. Sorry for useless post.

Just searching for how to subscribe to a category… I imagine this post was before the Tori message board system.

Is it still possible to subscribe to a category? (Same as the original poster, I would like to subscrbie to News & Announcements for example.)

I was unable to find the way to subscribe to a category.
Is it possible?

I have found some old post regarding to RSS and I created
this URL
and it is actually works in my RSS reader, but i don’t think it is a friendly or correct way to subscribe to a category.