"Subscribe" is not sticking

Something is not working for me with the forum “subscribe” feature.

I’ve tried to subscribe about 6 times to
this thread
for example.

Everytime I click “Subcribe” it immediately shows that I’m subscribed (and then shows the “Unsubscribe” link). However, I don’t get any emails for new posts, and when I come back later, I’m no longer subscribed (link has reverted back to “Subscribe”).

So I repeat the process… but subscribe never seems to “stick”…

This happened on
another thread
earlier this year, but at some point it did finally “stick” and I’ve been successfully subscribed to that thread for a while.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Oh bleh. Now I see that a billion other people have reported the same problem.

This really kills the forum’s usefulness because people follow up with questions and then the original poster never hears it.

According to
: “This has been fixed in the latest 6.0.x and 6.1.x revision” (though the bug is still marked unresolved). Any hope for an upgrade to the fixed version?