SubCategory for Vaadin 7

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I would like to request for subcategory on Vaadin 7, like adding Vaadin 7.1 and Vaadin 7.2. You know, You just released 7.2 and we are currently on 7.1 , I cant upgrade my project to 7.2 asap. And when I’m reading at forums, the 7.2 and 7.1 are getting confusing…Also it will help me to post my question at right category of Vaadin 7… is it okay? it just a suggestion…

Thank you.

Liferay forum does support subcategories, but I don’t think we are using those at the moment. Your suggestion is worth considering.

I would hesitate to have such subcategories, as most of the discussion topics are not that version-dependent, as the differences between the minor versions are relatively small. If there were such subcategories, people might post version-independent questions in the version categories for no purpose, and therefore hide them from other readers. There’s already a lot of topics in the Vaadin 7 category that really should be in topic-specific categories such as Themes, etc. It’s not the idea that all questions for using Vaadin 7 should be posted in the Vaadin 7 category.

If the version matters, I think it’s better to just mention it in the post or in the title.

Besides, many of regular commentators (such as Vaadin staff) probably don’t even see the categories, as we usually read the forum by Recent Posts…