Sub windows: Controlling dragging?

Currently I can place the subwindow to left or right of the page. Also going below page. This can lead to the page simply getting larger and me losing view of the menubars! (I’m using a GridLayout)

Is there any way I can stop this?

Also, linked to this, any way to have some kind of window snap or it snaps to edges?



you can call setDraggable(false) to prevent the user from draggin the window. Then you should of course place the window logically when adding it. There isn’t any kind of snap functionality in the window.

No, I meant can I restrict drag area to certain areas of the screen, ensure that window doesn’t go off screen etc. Sounds like a no.

Would be nice if it did, like Swing’s JInternalFrame

Ok, sorry, I misunderstood the question. In that case the answer would be no.

Please create an enhancement ticket about this feature at

On a linked issue, if I set UI to have a gridlayout and create a big subwindow which I then drag mostly below page, when I click on sub window header the whole page scrolls so that the subwindow is now fully showing.

Which means my menubar on the top of the screen is lost. Is this a known issue? Way around this? I’d prefer to have that “auto-scroll” thing turned off.

I note that the sampler demo does not do this

If I make the window big and drag down below page, upon clicking on the subwindow header it snaps into place, back on screen, without any scrolling. I’d like that for my app.

Is the sampler source available? Couldn’t see it on github.