Styling the MenuBar "More" item: how? No unique CSS class, set doesn't work

Using Vaadin 7.7.3.

There is no class set to the “more” item to help me identify it (to style it in CSS).
Using setStyleName doesn’t seem to work.

When I try to do:

widget = new MenuBar(); widget.getMoreMenuItem().setStyleName("trying"); No style is added to the more item.

I also tried creating a new MenuItem with the style, and setting it to be the more item - still doesn’t work:

MenuItem moreItem = MenuItem("", null, null); moreItem.setStyleName("trying"); widget.setMoreMenuItem(moreItem ); I also tried extending the MenuBar class, and overwriting setMoreMenuItem so it will always set the style:

public void setMoreMenuItem(MenuItem item) { MenuItem finalItem; if (item != null) { finalItem = item; } else { finalItem = new MenuItem("", null, null); } finalItem.setStyleName("trying"); super.setMoreMenuItem(finalItem); } Still nothing.

What is happening? Is this a bug in MenuItem.setStyleName?

How can I add a class to identify the “more” item?


that sounds like a bug. Can you write a ticket at


Hi Olli, thanks, created.

Thank you!