Styling GridLayout-Slot


I need to restyle a single GridLayout. But when I use
method to add a custom style to GridLayout it doesn’t restyle it.
For example:


[/code]As you can see, only "v-gridlayout" has [b] customstyle [/b]style name. "v-gridlayout-slot" doesn't have customstyle, so I can't restyle it and all GridLayout have wrong style. Does it mean that I can't restyle selected Gridlayouts (and not all of them with restyling all "v-gridlayout-slot")?

You need css selector like this:

.customstyle .v-gridlayout-slot
box-shadow: 0 0 5px black inset;

Then it will only apply to the v-gridlayout-slot of a grid layout with customstyle, not all grid layouts.