Styles in Polymer

Page [4. Scoping Styles in a Theme Module]
( contains info about placing dom-module with styles into index.html or a separate HTML import. However, HTML imports are deprecated and I do not want to place this directly into index.html. How can I use custom styling like the following one in Polymer?

<dom-module id="custom-progress-bar-theme" theme-for="vaadin-progress-bar">
                background-color: green;

Placing it in my Polymer Element before not works, nothing is styled.

HTML imports are the way for now; just create a separate HTML file with tags and put the snippet inside.

But placing the style in your element HTML should work too. Maybe the CSS itself isn’t specific enough?

Thanks for your reply. So, you mean to do it like this:

  1. create something.html
  2. place <dom-module id="custom-progress-bar-theme" theme-for="vaadin-progress-bar"></dom-module> inside.
  3. add <link rel="import" href="something.html"> to index.html.