styles.css causes problems with chrome OSX?


i detected, that reindeer/styles.css contains a lot of “-background-image” properties for ie6. And it seems that the leading “-” causes some troubles running google chrome on OSX.
I am using the ComboBox very heavily and if more than 3 browser tabs are opened in my application, suddenly the background-image from ComboBox disappears.

.v-… {

background-image: url(common/img/vertical-sprites.png);

-background-image: url(common/img/vertical-sprites-ie6.png);


Why does the property start with “-”?

If i am using the developer tools and remove the property from the browser after the bug happens, everything is fine again.
But i could not reproduce the bug using the vaadin sampler. Everything seems to be fine there!

Are there any issues known?

Thanks, Florian Pirchner

Those are fixes for internet explorer 6.
The properties starting in - should be ignored by complaint browsers. I guess chrome on OSX is not so compliant at this level…

I guess you can remove them if you don’t plan on supporting IE6.

Thanks a lot for the super fast answer!