Style the Grid editor?


In our application, when a row has a given state, we add a css class to the row so that the text becomes red/blue/green…
When the row is selected, this color is used for the background instead.
So far so good.

When we open the editor on such a line, we would like to use this color on the editor border.

For the individual cells, I seem to recall that in some cases the editor will copy over the class names from the grid cell to the editor cell.
Unfortunately it does not seem to copy over any of the row-level class names.

From the server-side I don’t seem to have a way to talk to the editor directly.
From the client-side, I could possibly write an extension on Grid, and do grid.getEditor(), but to add a css class name I need access to the editor’s private editorOverlay, so it seems I’m stuck there as well.

Any suggestion of how I could achieve this?