Style.css from the default theme.

Hi there,

I was searching in all the files I have downloaded
for the Styles.css from the default theme, but didn’t found.
Where is it?

Is it possible to change the table header height?
Following the other posts with suggestions, I think it should be
very nice to set the components’ spacing in units not just the boolean.
I didn’t checked if it is possible to do it in the CSS file, so if it is forget my words.

thanks again, I will try to publish my project for you to see, Its about
a plugin for JIRA to have some Agile Development functionality.
It’s ready, but how we got business issues, it’s not good to go public.

sorry, this was mine… forgot to login.

Hi, João !

The entire ITMILL teamis on XMas holdiays now, as I know, so they’ll go back in beginning of 2008. I’ll try to answer your questions from what I achieved myself so far :wink:

About CSS - default CSS is in itmill-toolkit-5.0.0.jar file, please search for ITMILL folder inside. But you actually don’t need to change this file if you want to tweak some CSS styles for default theme - simply create a new theme as ITMILL/themes/<your theme name> (look for “example” theme folder, for instance) folder in your webapp context and override necessary CSS styles, that should be enough. Ah yes, don’t forget to set a new theme by its folder name for your application instance. I overdid such way a couple of default styles for Button, for instance, to add one more style to it, allowing Button to grow up to 100% width.

Regarding spaces - I’d recommend you to try CustomLayout - you can define your own html file with placeholders for your components and space them exactly as you need. Then simply add components to this layout from your code. This also have another benefit - you may completely redesign your layouts at any time without changing a piece of code or even ask your web designer to do this. This seems to be the most optimal way creating layouts for complex windows/interfaces, as from my current experience with ITMILL.

Feel free to post your questions here, as here in Russia XMas holidays are from 1st till 9th of January, so I’ll be here online for a week %)

Happy upcoming 2008 ! :wink:

Best regards,

P.S. There was a bug in CustomLayout (it was not functional on Panels, only on Windows), so if you’ll be playing with it, make sure you have latest nightly build downloaded, where this bug is already killed


Thanks to Dmitri for keeping the watch during the yuletide. :wink: I’m working by hour so I’ll try to keep an eye on the forums during the holidays too. But yeah, most of elves who are usually working at IT Mill are now away helping Santa, so it’s possible that there won’t be more nightly builds before 2008. Depends a bit on your naughtiness though.

There is no actual “default theme” as such, but a collection of stylesheets for various widgets in the default widget set (DefaultWidgetSet). These are under
in the source tree and in GWT-compiled form under
. If you make custom widgets under a widget set, the default CSS will be under the source package, under the “public/” folder (see ColorPicker for an example).

But, as Dmitri noted, custom themes go under
. Main CSS must be in styles.css and CustomLayout HTML templates must go under the “layouts” directory. No other particular rules about the hierarchy. See Manual for more info.

thank dmitri and Marko,

I want the “default” styles.css to learn what was made,
I’m a little occupied with some certifications and got a little lazy to go find it.

Have a good holiday and a great new year, we are expecting this project to be more than sucessfull…

Jesus Loves You.

Thanks, Marko,
I corrected a couple of mistakes in my explanation above.

I think - don’t bother for nightly builds till 2008, it’s more important to help Santa and have a rest-n-fun :slight_smile:

Happy 2008 !


Following the other posts with suggestions, I think it should be
very nice to set the components’ spacing in units not just the boolean.
I didn’t checked if it is possible to do it in the CSS file, so if it is forget my words.
[/quote]Yes, it is possible to customize the spacing with CSS, but I suppose the manual doesn’t cover that part just yet (correct me if I’m wrong, Marko).

It’s a new feature all in all, and the implementation might still change a bit during the beta phase, hopefully you’ll be able to live with that.

And a happy new year for everybody!