StreamResource is not stable


i use StreamResource for dynamic file download. i found the StreamResource url is not stable, sometimes (about 25% in running mode, about 60% in debugging mode) server response 404 error.

is any one know how to make it 100% success when user click the link?

Hi, could it be a result of either or ? Which Vaadin version are you using please?

hi Martin Vyšný,

thanks for help. the Vaddin version is 14.3.8


hi Martin Vyšný,

i have checked the issues you refer. my problem is download did not work SOMETIMES, did not totally “not work”. and the file name did not contain spacial char. so, i guess it’s not same issue.

hi Martin Vyšný,

i just walk around this issue by adding “target=‘_blank’” in the <a> tag. After i did this, the download failed gone. but did not know why.