Static VaadinServlet class

I was wondering what the inner static VaadinServlet class is used for? My coworker has it when he created a Vaadin 7 project and I don’t for some reason.

The servlet class is the primary entry-point of the application. Some of the configuration can be done there. In Servlet 3.0, you can defined the web application as annotations for the class. See

If you do any modifications to the servlet class, it’s actually recommended to have that as a separate proper class and not a static sub-class, but that’s the way the project creation wizard does it to have all important things in the same file.

The Vaadin Plugin for Eclipse creates the servlet class for Servlet 3.0 projects. If you select Servlet 2.4, it creates the web.xml file, which makes the same settings that are given as annotations in the Servlet 3.0 project.