static html pages


in my project I have static html pages from another application. I want to display a html page in a TabSheet. But how can I access this file and where I have to put this file in my project?

Christoph Rubert

You could use
: HTML-page could be anything accessible by the browser (static html, jsp, …) or you could use
a resource
to show them.

Or you could embed the HTML to a
to show any HTML you copy into that or bind that into a data source - for example by wrapping a file with

In your case, I would recommend to use Embedded.

You could also take a look at
. Its advantage is that it allows “embedding” Vaadin components within your HTML.

Normally, the HTML template of a CustomLayout comes from a file in your theme, but you can also construct it at runtime.

The problem is that the html file displays images. I have my files for example in WEB-INF/media/. For me it would be ok that I can access the file via an ExternalRessource and just call the URL. I think I have to change some things in the web.xml file for this. But I have no idea how.