Starter and Beginner

Hello guys,
My name is Frans Wiradinata.
I am new with Vaadin.
I want to create Web Base Application with Vaadin and Java, Hibernate & Spring Boot.
Maybe if i can, i will try with Polymer too.
But i don’t what is the first step configuration from all of them.
Can someone teach me or guide me about that, please?

I am glad if some of you can guide me for using Java, Spring and Hibernate configuration.

Thank you,
Frans Wiradinata


I would start with the Vaadin Spring tutorial at
. That sounds like what you’re looking for. It doesn’t specifically address Hibernate, but you can add a JPA dependency in Spring Initializr (which is used during the tutorial).

Good luck and have fun,

Thank you Olli,
I am appreciate with it.
But how to learn and how to know about the configuration?
E.g : ApplicationContext.xml, Web.xml and etc?

Thank you,
Frans Wiradinata


There’s a bit about configuration on the tutorial. You might even get by without explicit configuration files by using annotation based configuration (see
Configuration Options
). If you use Spring Initializr, you’ll have a working project without any changes needed right out of the box, too. Was there something specific you wanted to know?


You can also watch these videos:

Create a new Spring Boot + Vaadin project:

Full stack example:

Webinar with tips and tricks:

Thank you Olli and Thank you so much Alejandro,
Both of you are very helpful. I will keep searching on it.
I like Vaading and need to learning more.
If i need help or get stuck.
I will ask this forum again.
See yaa.

Frans Wiradinata

You’re welcome, good luck!