Standalone Flow application (à la springboot) ?

Looking at the beverage starter, I realize that the step forward is a bit larger than I thought.
Is there an easy way to package a flow application such that it runs as a Java app within an embedded container (Tomcat preferably)

Hi Jean, definitely there is! The Flow app packages to WAR like any other Java web app. You can run variety of tools to run WARs:

  1. Tomcat on Docker: just run

docker run --rm -ti -v "`pwd`:/usr/local/tomcat/webapps" -p 8080:8080 tomcat:9.0.1-jre8 Please check out more here:
. Of course you can also just drop the WAR into your Tomcat exactly as you used to do before.

  1. There’s Jetty Launcher
    which is a standalone jar which launches wars; Or the Run Jetty Run project:

It should work by just building the war with mvn package and then getting the application war from ./target

Tested this with tomcat-8.5.20 and the application started ok.

If there was any problem it was probably due to the issue fixed in