SSO - Multiple customers

Hello all! I have a question regarding SSO Kit: Some customers asking whether it is possible to integrate SSO to our application. Is there a way to use Microsoft Azure AD for multiple customers within the same application. I saw that it is required to enter in the some URLs and passwords. So it seems to mee, that it is only working for one customer?

In addition to that it should be still possible to use local users as currently existing.

You mean multiple M365 organizations?

yes, that was my question.

That’s not possible as Microsoft doesn’t support that

So if I understand it correct it is not possible to handle multiple customers within one Vaadin application? I thought depending on the logged in user I can handle it…

You can certainly architect your Vaadin application to support multiple customers. This is more of a Spring Security configuration challenge.

Thanks for your help!
To understand it correct: It is currently not possible to handle multiple customers with the SSO kit?

It has nothing to do with Vaadin. If you want to use Azure Entra as your IDP you have to specify the organization.