SSO kerberos with Vaadin


My company is developing application using vaadin (7.6.8), jboss wildfly, spring (4.0.3). It’s working on linux machine.
App uses SecurityContextPersistenceFilter for setting sessions and topmost component
which extends
and in
method checks authentication. If user not authenticated then it redirects to login view.
I’m trying to implement SSO using kerberos and AD. I’ve found and succeccfully run
. Is it possible to integrate this mechanizm with vaadin? What are the steps I should do to make it work?
I did some research but all information close to that topic are to old to use in my case.

Thanks for any advice

How far are you in your setup? To make this work you will have to verify the browser supports SSO and also the web server supports the SSO. Have you tested something simple yet like serving a static page from the webserver and verifying the browser and webserver on Linux successfully authenticate with AD? Have you looked at

It is a long time since I last needed to do something with Kerberos, but I remember something. The tricky part with Kerberos is also the AD setup. For example if the same Kerberos token is used for backend access, in AD setup there needs to be provisioning that the server where your Vaadin app runs, is allowed to use that Kerberos token for backend access also, and possibly some other things.