SQLContainer demo

I noticed that the “more advanced demo” for SQLContainer is missing column headings. Since I’m working on the tutorial that I presume is close to the advanced demo and I also see no column headers, is there a fix for the tutorial? Or a suggestion? I’m using Vaadin 6.6.3/SQLContainer 1.1.0.



seems to me that this is some kind of a bug in the theme. When looking at the AddressBook demo with e.g. Firebug, the captions actually are there, but they are rendered “outside” the table column header containers. I’d recommend you file a bug about this in the
Vaadin trac
. Thanks!


I also noticed in the “more advanced demo” that, after a new city is added, there are two entries for the same city in the table. I added “Cedar Rapids” a s new city and now there are two. I’m seeing this behavior in my tutorial code also but I haven’t yet found the problem.

Confirmed. This might be some kind of regression since the demo originally did not do this. However it has been since updated to a newer version of SQLContainer (and Vaadin).


I’ve found a bug in the demo.
CityContainer is bound to a combobox in PersonForm. Now, when I type a letter in the combobox (e.g b for Berlin), a filter is added to the container. This would cause a NullPointerException in getCityName when I click the Save button. So I had to put “cityContainer.removeAllContainerFilters();” in getCityName.