SQLContainer and concurrent users

Hi there,
I’ve got a problem with the SQLContainer add-on when running the application with concurrent users. When an user applies a filter on SQLContainer, data change for other users too. Any idea about how to solve this?

I hope you can help me. Thank you very much in advance

Do you have enableCacheFlushNotifications() turned on? I think the job of that is to ‘Refresh’ other SQLContainers of other users when ever there is a change.

Need to disable that if you don’t want automatic ‘Refreshes’ for other users.


Hopefully that’s it.


thank you for your answer. I never called enableCacheFlushNotifications() so I don’t think it’s enabled. Is it enabled by default? If yes, how could I disable it?

Here is the code I used for declaring containers:

FreeformQuery ordiniArrivoQuery = new FreeformQuery(“SELECT DISTINCT code,company FROM orders”,connectionPool);
ordiniArrivoQuery.setDelegate(new MyFreeformQueryDelegate());
ordiniInArrivoContainer = new SQLContainer(ordiniArrivoQuery);

TableQuery qOrdini = new TableQuery(“ordini”, connectionPool);
ordiniContainer = new SQLContainer(qOrdini);

TableQuery qOrdiniDett = new TableQuery(“ordini_dett”, connectionPool);
ordiniDettContainer = new SQLContainer(qOrdiniDett);