SpringRoo addon + i18n4vaadin

Hello !
this is my first post, so I’ll intruduce myself ; i’ve been a java developer for the last 6 years.
I usually work with swing, websphere, ejbs…

I was trying to use spring roo when i discovered vaadin and i got impressed.
It’s (or it will be :slight_smile: very easy for someone who works with swing to jump to vaadin

I have a question (sure I will come over later):
it is posible to use the i18n4vaadin plugin within spring roo ?

I found this command in the roo shell

vaadin addon install --artifactId i18n4vaadin 

but it seemed no to do anything :frowning:

thank you (and good job)

maybe i have asked a no sense :frowning:

For a server side add-on, the command you executed should have added a dependency to the i18n4vaadin add-on in your POM. I have not used that add-on, but you can find instructions about it including a code sample
in the Directory
. Doing i18n with it does require some effort on the side of the developer.

If Vaadin core gets more i18n support in the future, the Roo addon will probably use it (with a delay), but that will not be immediately.

thank you :slight_smile: very much