springdoc-openapi-starter-webmvc-ui will prevent hilla to work

Is it known that maven dependency:

org.springdoc springdoc-openapi-starter-webmvc-ui 2.0.2

Will prevent hilla to work in a spring boot project?
At least Ive spend hours figuring out why I couldn’t get hilla to work.

endpoint files will not be created…

Hm. I don’t know why it would, let me check with the dev team

@observant-rat, I got an error with springdoc-openapi-starter-webmvc-ui version 2.0.2. But things seem to work fine with the latest version, 2.2.0.

@practical-rat Thank you Tarek! I forgot to verify that I was using the latest version. I was so happy figuring out the error so I just removed the dependency and moved on…

:+1: I’m curious, though: why were you interested in adding Springdoc to a Hilla app?

I mean, Springdoc is usually useful for documenting REST endpoints that would be accessed by external consumers. Whereas Hilla endpoints are only communicating with Hilla-specific clients.

@practical-rat I am an Identity and access management subject lead at my work trying to showcase how we can externalize access control, using OPA (open policy agent) in both a REST API (Spring Boot) and GUI using Hilla (I want e.g. buttons to be grayed out or removed if the user is not authorized). My POC supports both.
So I was playing around with Springdoc to learn how to provide documentation for the REST APIs, but this is not important for my POC, so I discarded Springdoc quickly.
My main goal is to demonstrate the effect of using internal authorizations in Spring Boot Security versus external authorizations using OPA. I’m not a developer so I’m finding this very challenging.

:+1: thanks for the explanation. That sounds like an interesting research.