Spring Vaadin problems with wireing

Hi, I try to migrate an older Projekt with vaadin spring to new Version and to java config.
At the moment I have the Problem, that springVaadin Servlet works and UI class get instanciated and injected.
Everything OK, but when I try to call the first View I get nullpointer exceptions.
Seems to me that the @Autowire won’t work. I have tryed maybe everything nothing worked.
All classes that should be Injecte are detected and they are named in logging

… VaadinSessionScope] Registering VaadinSession scope with bean factory …

Any idea what I’m doing wrong??

Thanks in advance

just to complete, I use navigator the “old” way navigator.addView(“name”, view.class)
Is it obligate to user SpringViewProvider to navigate and initialise (autowire) the views??