Spring + Vaadin Hot Deploy /Live Reload

I need some help setting this up, I read the guide and followed the steps of adding spring-boot-devtools and running the application but to no avail.

I do have these in my application.properties)


I am using intellij and have set the compiler to build project automatically

I am running into a similar/same problem when I use IntelliJ and run it using a maven bootRun command. I can’t debug it when i run it this way. When I run it as an application (run the main method using the green arrow on the left), debugging works and it live reloads.

I’d like to setup devtools to quickly see the modifications I make the webpage, but it’s currently just restarting my entire application

I’d like to ideally just reload the page itself after changes, not restart the entire application as that takes a bit of time

It does not restart the whole app just reloads the Spring context. That’s how the devtools work

If you run it with Maven you have to run it on debug mode

I use JRebel because this just replaces the changed classes