Spring Stuff (dellroad) Vaadin 7 Root Injection Problem


I’m using dellroad-stuff-vaadin-addon-1.0.432.jar and vaadin-7.0.0.alpha3.jar.
My problem is that I can’t inject any beans i.e. my rootclass.

I just followed the example from https://github.com/archiecobbs/dellroad-stuff-vaadin-spring-demo3/blob/vaadin7

In my class that extends SpringContextApplication injection works fine!
But in my class that extends Root every injected bean is null… even the injected class that extends SpringContextApplication is null.

My Root looks like this:

public class TestApplication extends Root {

private PersonDao personDao; // --> has @Repository

private MySpringContextApplication springContextApp;

public void init(WrappedRequest request) {
        //Layout etc.
        springContextApp.close() // --> springContextApp is null
        //personDao is also null

What could be the problem? I can’t see any difference to the example.


SpringContextApplication is not supposed to extend Root.

My basic intention was to use DI in my component-classes. This is unfortunately not as easy as it should be. One way is to use build-/loadtime weaving.
Another way is described here: